Root is the user name or account that by default has access to all commands and files on a Linux or other Unix-like operating system. Rooting a device is simply the process of gaining full, privileged, or admin control of a device thus allowing ‘root access’ or ‘superuser’ permissions. The process itself basically exploits a security weakness on a device, and in simple terms, grants the user executable permissions that are not otherwise there with a non-rooted device. Once a device is rooted, the user has complete control of the device from files on the device to being able to perform additional tasks that will truly make your device your own. See our root guide for more information.

Unfortunately we do not assist users in rooting their device. However, we have provided a root guide to help you.

When someone roots their device there is always a possibility of things going wrong. 99.9% of the time the device is not permanently bricked. However, it may take some research to figure out exactly what needs to be done. You should always keep a current nandroid backup when using root apps.

When modifying system files a factory reset will not fix the device. This is because the factory reset wipes your data partition but your system is left untouched.

The easiest way to fix your device is to restore a “nandroid” backup in recovery. When a user roots his/her device a custom recovery, like ClockworkMod recovery, is usually installed. In recovery you can create backups and restore your whole device to a previous state. If you created a nandroid backup and have a custom recovery please try to restore that backup in recovery. This will restore your system to a previous state and your device should be working again.

If you don’t have a nandroid backup but you do have a custom recovery then you can install a ROM. There are many ROMs that can be found on XDA Developers. Installing a ROM in recovery will overwrite your system files and your device should then be working again. You may need to wipe the data partition depending on your situation.

If you don’t have a custom recovery installed then we are limited to our last option. Many manufacturers provide ways to restore the entire device. For devices made by Motorola this process involves using a “SBF” or “FXZ” and “RSD Lite”. Samsung uses “ODIN” and other devices may use “fastboot”. We cannot provide great assistance here and your best option is to sign up on an Android forum and ask users who have your same device for help. We simply don’t know every process for every device. XDA Developers has many users willing to provide assistance. If you simply Google “unbrick <your device>” then you can find a guide on how to fix your device.

Google Play

This problem is generally associated with cache files. Mostly, clearing cache or uninstalling and re-installing the app will solve the issue.

Please try the following steps to fix this error:

  1. Go to your device settings>>Applications (Application Manager)>>All>> Select your app>>Clear cache and data
  2. Run update/try installing again in Google Play


If problems persist please try this second method:

  1. Go to your device settings>>Applications (Application Manager)>>All>>Google Play Store>> Clear cache and data
  2. Go to your device settings>>Applications (Application Manager)>>All>>Google Service Framework>> Clear cache and data
  3. Now try installing or updating the app in Google Play


If the above steps still did not work, this may solve the problem:

  1. Go to your device settings>>Applications (Application Manager)>>All>>Google Play Store>> Uninstall Update
  2. Re-install or update your app in Google Play


If your issue persists, please contact the Play Store support team directly, as the issue is related to the ‘storefront’ as opposed to JRummy Apps.

Sometimes communication between Google Play Services and an app fails. If you made an in-app purchase but didn’t receive the item please try the following to fix the issue:

  • In preferences, check if there is a “Restore Transactions” button. Click this button and the issue should be fixed.
  • Go to your device settings>>Applications (Application Manager)>>Downloaded>>[The App]>>Clear Data
  • Uninstall and re-install the app to restore purchase history.

If your issue persists, please contact the Play Store support team directly. We are currently migrating some of our in-app-purchase code to v3.

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